We work with passion while respecting the earth

our vineyards are located 3-4km south of Lake Garda, where the moraine hills allow us to glimpse the work of the glacier that occupied the surface of the lake thousands of years ago,
It is thanks to this continuous work of glaciation and melting that the territory south of the Benaco takes shape and which, together with the lake itself, gives it an optimal microclimate for the cultivation of vines.

Fenìl Boi vineyard

Clayey soil with calcareous components, located in the area of ​​Lower Lake Garda at 13m above sea level. Here we passionately grow Trebbiano and Tokaji grapes.

Tiracollo vineyard

Considered the historic vineyard of the Abate family, characterized by fine silts and clays. Here we grow Rebo, Marzemino, Groppello and Turbiana vines.