The Abbot Family

For generations we have cultivated a deep bond of love and respect towards nature.
The years pass, but from grandparents to grandchildren the message is passed down:
“nature lives in its own times, respect them, take care of it with passion and respect and you will be rewarded”

In the vineyard since 1920

The stories of the first grapes grown by the Abate family date back a century ago.
In the decades following the 1960s Angelo Abate and Adriano Valbusa continued the work of cultivating the vineyard, starting a small winemaking business.

Sergio Abate, Angelo's son, continued the agricultural activity in his father's footsteps and, refining the vine cultivation techniques, decided to plant new vineyards, first in the Tiracollo area and subsequently in Centenaro in the Fenìl boi area.

However, it was with the arrival of the two sons Stefano and Marco to support the agricultural activity that it was decided to create a business linked to the bottling of their own grapes.

From here Abatewine was born, a project that wants to tell about the love and respect towards nature that has accompanied us for generations.

A label that tells us

tactile and visual emotions translated with signs and spaces that develop on four different levels of high and low relief.

The levels represent the members of the Abate family: Sergio, the strong and earthly father, the two brilliant and extroverted brothers and Athena, the granddaughter, represented by the smallest letter. There are also four typographical characters that make up the label. Completely different from each other, they symbolize the elements that distinguish the Abate vineyards: the earth, rich in nutrients and mineral salts, the stones that surround the entrance and the boundaries of the estate, the vines and, of course, the grapes. What makes the label even more interesting is the natural printable pigment, obtained - after months of research - from the dehydration of Lugana

Lugana Abate is not just a wine, but a multi-sensory experience that begins even before uncorking the bottle.